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Intuitive Tarot Coaching

For centuries, Tarot cards have been used for divination, but are now also being used as a tool for self-discovery and self-awareness.

I like to combine both disciplines. For me, the symbolism of the Tarot provides a key to the subconscious mind, which I use to look at certain situations in our lives and suggest possibilities for the future.  This can help you see the bigger picture, look at things in a different way and help you discover more about yourself and what you most want out of life.


What is Tarot Coaching?  


Combining intuitive Tarot reading with Spiritual Coaching and Stress Management knowledge, I can help you gain insight into your current situation and guide you towards finding solutions to your problems and ways to change your life for the better.


Angel cards, tarot cards and oracle cards can be used as a tool to help you explore issues and circumstances in your life that require some extra guidance and support.

Coaching assists & empowers you to reach your goals and dreams. It brings clarity about where to focus and how to move forward to reach your desired results. You actively participate in creating the future that you want to manifest. You are accountable for the completion of your objectives.

*Are you ready to live your life inspired by consciousness?


*Would you like some support to reach your dreams and goals?



If you would like to try my Intuitive Tarot Coaching I will need the following information:


  • your full name

  • date of birth

  • a description of your problem or situation and your question

  • whether you'd like a full reading, or 3-Card reading.

Looking at your cards we can assess whats happening and ways that you can improve your situation through goal setting and making plans for the future.I can tap into your guides and angels and offer more insight and guidance that may be needed on the situation or question's you have. Book your Intuitive Tarot Coaching with me to get the guidance you need.


60min Session - £70.00 (GBP)         $93.00 (USD)

90min Session - £100.00 (GBP)       $134.00 (USD)

3 - 60min On Going Sessions - £200.00 (GBP)   $270.00 (USD)

6 - 60min On Going Sessions - £410.00 (GBP)   $545.00 (USD)

3 - 90min On Going Sessions - £300.00 (GBP)   $340.00 (USD)

6 - 90min On Going Sessions - £580.00 (GBP)   $770.00 (USD)